Activated Charcoal + It’s Many Badass Uses

January 17, 2017

Hey Everyone!

You all know that I’m OBSESSED with detoxing


I admit, sometimes I don’t eat the healthiest and I don’t workout as much as I should. I prefer to not look, and feel, like sh*t.

Solution: DETOX!

Now, I’m not talking about super weight-loss, fasting, detoxes. NO! Those have a time and place, which is not all the time. I’m talking about detoxes the draw out impurities and help balance your system.

The latest detox ingredient I have discovered is activated charcoal!

So far, I’ve found 3 uses for it: internal detoxing, teeth whitening, and as a face mask.

One of the many benefits of activated charcoal, is that it can be used for detoxifying the body. There are a ton of juices that contain charcoal, as well as other detox beverages. 

Personally, I either take capsules (1 a day) or I put it in some lemon water.

Does it look appetizing? NO!

BUT, the charcoal has NO EFFECT on the taste. Your lemon water will taste just as lemony, with no other flavors, as it did before.

One thing you do have to be careful about is taking charcoal with other vitamins. It can prevent other nutrients from getting absorbed, so it’s probably best to take it at night or in the evening.

I know this sounds really weird, but yeah, this black stuff can whiten your teeth.

There are a few toothpastes on the market that use activated charcoal, as an ingredient.

I just mix about half a capsule with my normal toothpaste. The results have been AMAZING! It really does make a difference.

Charcoal kind of acts like a magnet to debris, especially in your skin. 

One of my favorite masks, by Beautycounter, is a charcoal mask.It really draws out impurities, without being too harsh. I also love THIS mask, by Cocovit. It’s a detoxifying, coconut charcoal mask. It’s super hydrating, while also drawing out impurities!

Basically, activated charcoal is my new favorite thing!

I will be posting more soon!

xo. Miranda

By Blondie

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