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April 18, 2017


Hey Everyone!

If you live on the East Coast, you know that the weather has been anything but consistent. 

I’m not talking about it getting a little warm one day but then going back to cold in the winter.


I’m talking like one day it’s 80 degrees and you’re wearing shorts, and the next day you’re wearing a winter coast because it’s f*cking freezing outside. 

Seriously, people on the East Coast have to keep out all their clothes, all year long. You can’t really pack up your winter stuff when you know it could snow tomorrow (even though it’s f*cking May and it should NEVER be snowing in May).

Anyways, my point is that the weather affects everyone’s life differently. 

For me, weather changes can have really big effects on my skin (and not in a good way).

My skin, much like the weather, doesn’t know what it wants to be. 

Does it want to be dry or oily? Does it want to breakout or not? WHO KNOWS?! 

It’s like a fun surprise, without the fun.

To combat these skin issues, I had to find a solution that prevented breakouts, but was also non-drying. Do you know how hard that is?

A friend finally told me about Mario Badescu’s Super Collagen Mask and I picked it up immediately.

I’ve loved Mario Badescu for a long time. Their products are good quality and don’t kill your bank account! 

Anyways, back to the mask.

It’s a clay based mask, loaded with nourishing botanicals, oatmeal, and a sh*t ton of collagen.

For those of you who don’t know what collagen does, it helps prevent sings of aging by increasing moisture levels and elasticity. 

The clay helps draw out impurities, while the collagen and botanicals help to rehydrate your skin.

It’s color is also SUPER BASIC! I am a sucker for the high-bun, green face mask look 🙂

Basically, you leave it on for 20 minutes (if you’re like me, this really means like 40, but thats just me) and then wash it off. 

I’m telling you, my skin looks AMAZING after this mask! The best part is that you can use it 2-3 times a week. It’s pretty gentle, so you won’t overdo it. 

(Side note: I also use THIS PEEL once-a-week, before this mask. It just gets a bunch of the dry skin off and really preps my skin for the benefits of this mask)

I encourage all of you to try this mask, if not any other. It’s the best one I’ve ever used and I’ve used a sh*t ton of masks, so that’s saying something.

P.S: Mario Badescu has some amazing products. Personally, I love their drying lotion and the rosewater face spray!

xo. Miranda

By Blondie

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