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June 21, 2015

Okay everyone. Before I being this post, I just want to apologize for not posting last week.

This week has been so hectic and I just was not able to sit down (no matter how much I wanted to) and write this post.

I swear, the pictures that are used in this post have been sitting on my desktop, waiting to be published.

Anyway, lets get to the point…. BLONDE ANTIOXIDANTS!!

Now, some of you might be thinking “OMFG, this girl thinks shes so cool because she puts ‘blonde’ in front of everything she writes”

Well, I would just post normal, boring titles like “antioxidants” or “beauty secrets”, but that wouldn’t be very unique, now would it?

Besides, it is just not my personality to not put my own spin on things and if you don’t like it….

then WTF are you doing reading my blog!?! It literally has “blonde” in the title of the name, so you know there are going to be some random places where I just throw the word “blonde” in there jsut to make it a little funny.

Now that I ranted for the day (sorry about that), Let’s get to the point.

I LOVE antioxidants!

I really do. They have so many benefits (anti-aging, free-radical reducing, etc.).

Foods like pomegranets and blueberries are loaded with antioxidants. While I love me some berries on a nice kale salad with some mashed strawberries on top (YUMMMM! Recipe coming soon!), that is not my favorite way to get my antioxidants.

Enter Green Tea.


Yes, I said it…The Blondest Beverage.

I freaking LOVE green tea! It is loaded with antioxidants and it tastes AMAZING! Now I know some of you are going to be like “Green Tea tastes like cardboard” and true, some does (I am not a fan of basic green tea). I am also not a fan of adding cream and sugar to my tea (you may as well have just flushed all the benefits down the toilet cause all that sugar is counteracting the benefits). This green tea is the best I have ever tasted. Yogi Tea has amazing tea products that have all these other natural flavorings (black licorice, cinnamon, etc) to make your tea taste better without adding too many extra ingredients.

Plus, they have these cute little sayings on the tea tags.

Those little sayings always brighten my day.

So, I bet you’re wondering why my green tea is so special (besides that it is Yogi Tea).

First of all, I LOVE tea! Tea is my choice beverage in the morning. That being said, I don’t mean I don’t enjoy a cup of cold-brew coffee with some almond milk and a little agave every now and then. Green tea is a natural source of caffine so, you won’t go through caffine withdrawel if you are trying to stay away from coffee but, like me, you need that extra energy in the morning. Tea, though amazing, is also very acidic and drying. I always find that, after drinking a cup of tea, my throat is dry. Plus, the acid can do some major damage to your stomach lining.

By now, you must be thinking “Okay, so if tea is so drying and acidic, why did you tell us all the amazing stuff about tea?”

Well, I have found a way to make tea less drying, less acidic, and more yummy.

are you ready?

COCONUT OIL!!!!!!!!!

Yes, coconut oil is the best in tea. I LITERALLY put it in every cup of tea I drink.

Why does coconut oil work you ask?

Coconut oil had a lot of natural fats in it. That is why, when you put it on your skin, it hydrates and protects. Your skin absorbs it and it works with your body’s chemistry. It does the same thing with your stomach lining. Ingesting coconut oil can actually repair stomach lining. It has worked for me for years (now don’t go quoting me on that. Again, i’m not a doctor so, these are jsut things that have worked for me. Ask your holistic doctor or regular doctor if you ahve any concerns about injesting coconut oil).

Coconut oil also makes your tea less drying on your throat and it adds a lovely, tropical flavor to any tea.

Green Tea Gone Blonde

Ingredients: Yogi Green Tea and Coconut Oil
Directions: Warm up some hot water in a mug for about two minutes on high in a microwave. After the water is hot, stir in about a teaspoon of coconut oil. Add your tea bag and steep for as long as you want. Enjoy!

This is my absolute favorite beverage! I add coconut oil to every cup of tea I drink. (Funfact: it has been doing wonders for my skin).

Do any of you have another hot beverage that you enjoy? Am I missing out on some more antioxidants? Share in the comments!

xo. M

By Blondie

blogger, health foodie, beauty addict


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    I LOVE green tea!! I have been drinking it for years and I add a little bit of organic honey to it to add sweetness. I never thought to add coconut oil to it though! I use it with other things and I know it’s super good for you and has lots of benefits. Lol I was drinking tea while reading this post, I will deff have to try it together next time 🙂

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      I know right!!! Green tea is amazing and I love organic honey!!!!!! Lol, I was drinking tea when I was writing this!!!

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    Fiona Goode

    What a perfect post. Anti-aging, you’re speaking my language.

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      Haha! Right!

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    Pink and Navy Prepster

    I love drinking green tea! I think it’s definitely an acquired taste. I’ll have to start adding cocout oil to my cups and see how it is!

    1. Reply


      Let me know how it is!

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