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June 8, 2015

Okay, So I finally formulated the idea in my head to talk about my favorite beauty product in the world.

Now, I know what you’re thinking….”OMG now shes gonna tell us about this amazing face cream that has fixed all her skin problems and its gonna be like $300 for a tiny tube of it.”

Actually, no. Before any of you leave this post si you don’t feel pressured to buy some effing expensive face cream…just let me tell you what it is first.

Are you ready?

Aztec India Healing Clay!!!!!!!


SERIOUSLY! This is the best beauty product I have ever found in my entire life. BETTER than coconut oil (WTF!?! Better than coconut oil!?!)

Yes, I said it. Though coconut oil is AWESOME, this clay beats it to a pulp then makes yummy tropical jucie out of it. Get my drift?

So let me explain why this clay is so awesome.

Basically, Aztec Indian have been using this clay forever to cure everything from acne to spider bites (yes, if applied correctly, it sucks the venom from a spider bite).

It is a powder that you mix with various ingredients, depending on what you are making. I use this clay to make an awesome, acne slaying face mask. It makes acne disappear, while also making my skin super soft and silky. There is not really a recipe for it (I just kinda mix the ingredients together and it turns out well). Basically, you mix a scoop of the powder with some apple cider vinegar and it turns into this mousyy like substance which you then spread all over your face. You leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash.

Let me tell you the one downside to this mask…..It is a B**ch to get off. You can’t jsut wash it off in the sink, unless you want clogged drains. Go in the shower and let the water run over your face and rub your face with your hands until all the clay is off. If you’re like me, you will not succeed at this without getting a TON of clay in your mouth.

Speaking of getting clay in your mouth, that brings me to the other thing I use this clay for….TOOTHPASTE!!


Before you close this page and are like “ GROSS, I’m not putting clay in my mouth!!” Listen.

This clay toothpaste really works! I’ve been using it for about three months now and my teeth have gotten so mich whiter. I am not the only one that knows this trick (first heard about it in this video about a celebrity…you might have heard of her…*cough*cough*….Shailene Woodley). The hollywood It Girl does a bunch of healthy, natural things like hiking up a mountain to get her own fresh spring water (WOAH, that’s dedication). I was trying to figure out another way to keep my teeth healthy and whiten them without using generic, chemical filled, vomit inducing toothpaste (sorry, the taste of store-bought toothpaste makes me sick).

Shailene Woodley’s Clay Toothpaste (Blonde tweaked)

2 teaspoons of coconut oil
1 spoonful of Aztec Indian Healing Clay
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
A sprinkle of water

Combine all of these ingredients together in a small, closable, container (I use an empty pill bottle). These measurements are not exact. They change depending on how much toothpaste you want to make and what consitancy you want.

I LOVE this toothpaste! It whitens and cleans my teeth without making me want to vomit.

Now, Shailene does say she swallows her toothpaste after she uses it. I DO NOT do that. I DO NOT reccomend doing that. I AM NOT a certified health person. Consult a holistic doctor or a normal doctor and ask them if it is okay to swallow the clay. Shailene and other people that do this do it because it works for them. It may not work the same way for you. I repeate, DO NOT swallow without consulting a doctor first. I AM NOT telling you to do anything of that sort. I am just putting this recipe up becasue it works for me.

Sorry for that long explanation. I just don’t want anyone thinking that I am telling you to go do anything. I put things on here because they work for me, but not for everyone.

Are there any other secret beauty tips I am missing? Spill in the comments!

xo. M

By Blondie

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