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December 14, 2016

Skyn Iceland

Happy Wednesday!

If any of you are in college right now, then this will be extremely relatable to you.

I’m in the middle of finals week right now (the struggle is real) and I’m starting to get a little stressed.

With 2 papers, 3 group projects, 1 final project, and 4 tests……yeah, you get the picture

Anyways, with all of this going on, a bit of stress is inevitable.

I don’t know about any of you but, when I’m stressed, it effects my skin.

It gets a little bit drier than usual, a bit more blotchy, and just kinda tired looking. If I’m really stressed, a pesky little zit may pop up right smack in the middle of my forehead (Of course. That’s just my luck)

All of this is, mostly, due to stress and lack of sleep (because of said stress). Some of it also may have to do with the weather changes.

Tired-looking skin is my BIGGEST pet peeve! Like, I don’t think there’s anything I hate more.

Unfortunately, because of my porcelain skin-tone, it’s something I deal with every now and then.

To keep my skin looking bright and hydrated, I turn to Skyn Iceland.

Let me give you some background.

Skyn Iceland is a skincare brand that has based all of its products on Iceland’s natural resources. The strive to make sure every customer receives hydrated, glowing skin, without any added chemicals. Some of their ingredients include: Icelandic glacier water, soothing algae, and antioxidant boosting berries. Their products balance, nourish, and reveal glowing skin.

Their products are literally amazing! My favorites are the under-eye pen, the Hangover Kit (Best name!), and the cooling eye gels.

The under-eye pen is magical. It gets rid of any eye issues you could ever have. I use it for puffiness, but it works great on dark circles and wrinkles as well. All of Skyn Iceland’s products have a cooling effect to them. I can literally feel my eyes de-puffing. It’s really amazing.

The cooling eye gels are another one of my favorites. I have a lot of late nights and early mornings, between school and running LBH and my normal life. These eye gels SAVED me last semester. They instantly fade dark circles and puffiness, so you are ready to go anywhere, without looking dead. 

Another one of my favorite products from Skyn Iceland is their Hangover Kit. One, the name got me immediately. It’s such a great way to market a products because, let’s be honest, being hungover looks like sh*t. If the kit is made for fixing hungover skin, well it can definitely fix my slightly stressed skin. The kit includes the following products: 2 pairs of cooling eye gels, the under-eye pen, the ANTIDOTE cooling lotion, and 2 packs of the fresh start mask. The mask is my favorite part of this kit. It’s really weird smelling, but it works really well. It gets rid of any flakey skin, as well as decreasing the appearance of any blemishes, revealing luminous skin.

There are still some amazing products of theirs that I have to try.

Skyn Iceland was kind enough to gift me one of their best-selling products, The under-eye illuminator.


It’s meant to brighten and lighten the skin under your eyes. I really liked the brightening effect, but the product itself reacted with my skin. I honestly think I might have been allergic to something in the product. I also had my roommate try it, to see what her reaction to the product would be. She liked the brightening effect and had no problem with any reactions. It makes your eyes look really bright and totally eliminates tired eyes. I definitely recommend it.

Keep an eye out for more finals week stress tips and holiday gift guides!

xo. Miranda

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