Clarisonic: Worth The Hype?

February 2, 2016

Hey there Babes!

It seems like it’s been forever since my last post (I know it’s only been like a week)

First off, does anyone live on the east coast and, if you do, what did you think about the MONDO HUGE snowstorm we got hit with?!

Crazy, right!

Anyway, since i’ve been dealing with the after-effects of the storm (you know, snow shoveling, trying to figure out how to get out of my room without sinking into 5 feet of snow…the usual), I haven’t been able to post until right now

So, speaking of the snow, anyone dealing with terrible winter skin right now?

Well I am

Here I was, flakey winter skin and all, trying to find something that would exfoliate without over-drying ( over-drying = more flakes = 🙁 )

I went to my dermatologist, told her about my current skin issues and she basically recommended the BEST SKIN CARE TOOL EVER


Now, I know everyone pushes and has heard of the clarisonic, but i’m just going to tell you my take on the clarisonic.

Am I telling you to run to Sephora and buy a clarisonic right now?

No, of course not! Everyone’s skin is different (because i’m not a skin care expert….I only know my skin, not everyone else’s)

So, let me tell you about my experience with this legendary beauty product.

Like I said, I was suffering from winter skin woes (yeah, gross flakey skin all over my face…nasty!)

After my dermatologist recommended the Clarisonic, I went online and immediately purchased one

I mean, if my dermatologist (who is gorgeous, has no skin issues, and no wrinkles) recommends something, h*ll yeah i’m gonna get it!)

I purchased the Mia 2 because I liked the idea of timed washes (more on this later in the post)

Fast forward 3 days….

My new tool arrived in the mail and I, like most people, wanted to pull out my new device and use it right away

Well, I couldn’t do that……why?

The first instructions on the clarisonic box are to charge your new device for 24 HOURS!!!

So, I know it’s a struggle to wait to use this amazing product, but suck it up and wait

If you don’t charge it for the full 24 hours first, it can affect the battery longevity later (you just paid like $150 for this……. Yeah, you want it to last as long as possible)

First impression: It’s a really cute little face brush!

I got a purple one and the color is so vibrant. A lot of people complain about it being a little bulky but, I think it’s fine

Untitled design copy 2

The brush comes with an extra brush head, a charger, a little cap for the brush head, a mini version of the Clarisonic cleanser, and a carrying case.

Anyways, after it had charged the full amount, it was time to give it a try

I followed the instructions and ran it under water, loaded it with my Cetaphil cleanser, and proceeded to wash my face

(more on my skin care routine coming soon!)

Let me just say, the timer was SOOOO worth it!

It pulses when your done each section of your face, so you don’t over-exfoliate (forehead, nose and chin, first cheek, second cheek, DONE!)

You can also do another cycle on your neck, chest, and both shoulders (at least, that’s what I do sometimes because it really helps with blackheads)

So, what was my overall reaction?

The clarisonic is TOTALLY worth the hype

After the first wash, I could see and feel the difference

It really exfoliates, without being too harsh or over-drying. I have also noticed a dramatic difference in the size of my pores, especially around my nose.

It makes my skin feel really soft and just well…..clean

Now, just because it worked for me does not mean it works for everyone. Please ask your dermatologist or a skin care professional before using.

alright, that’s all I have for today.

Do any of you have any skin care saviors? Anything that completely changed your skin? Spill in the comments!

I love you hear from all of you!

xo. Blondie

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