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May 23, 2017

Happy Summer Everyone!!

So most of us have finished finals and crossed into that beautiful paradise time that is summer.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so happy the school year is over. 

It was a rough semester, but it’s done now and I am just SOOO HAPPY about that!

While summer brings awesome things like relaxation, sun, and pool time, it also brings humidity.

Yeah, I’m talking that terrible kind of weather that messes up your fresh blowout and turns it into a frizzy mess.

To avoid this tragedy, I ditch straight hair in the summer and go for mermaid waves.

Enter sea salt spray.

Salt water provides a natural texturizer for your hair, while not weighing it down. It brings that windblown style that you get after swimming in the ocean, but in a bottle. 

My personal favorites are VERB Sea Salt Spray and THIS Coconut Oil and Sea Salt Beach Spray, but I also like making my own. It’s super easy to make and completely natural.


LBH Mermaid Hair Spray

What you need: a medium sized spray bottle, your choice of oil (coconut, moroccan, or olive), all natural sea salt, and water.

Instructions: Pour warm water into your spray bottle so it fills about 3/4 of the bottle. Add 2 teaspoons (tsp) of oil and 1 tsp of sea salt. Shake well, to mix all ingredients together.



All you have to do it spray this through wet or dry hair and then shake your hair around. When it dries, you will have beautiful mermaid waves!

Note: I also like THIS seas spray. It has gold shimmer mixed in so it makes your waves really shine, especially if you have blonde hair like me. 

xo. Miranda

By Blondie

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    Momma To Go

    Inn totally going to make this! Love it!

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