Festival Fashion at Moonrise

August 15, 2016

Hey Babes!

If you have been following along on Instagram and Snapchat lately, then you know that I attended the Moonrise Festival last weekend! (Read my overview of the festival HERE, and check out my festival essentials HERE)

The whole festival was SUPER fun and really awesome!

While I was there, I met some awesome babes with some STUPENDOUS (yeah, that’s right. I said stupendous…i’m too excited) festival attire.

Note: I will put links at the end of the post for all the clothing pieces and accessories

Moonrise is a place where a lot of different styles are present. Some people are less outgoing with their fashion choice, while some super crazy, when it comes to experimenting with new looks. 

I saw everything, from jeans and t-shirts to bikinis and underwear. I loved seeing all the different styles!

Since i’m a little more basic, when it comes to my style (Don’t judge me….i’m a basic person, so I look good in basic clothing ?). I wore jean shorts and pretty tank tops, for the whole weekend. I’ve always liked the casual-pretty look and it works, given my current college fashion-based major lifestyle.

Really, if you look at fashion and fashion merchandising majors, a lot of them pay attention to what they wear. It’s because, when you get out of college, you know that everyone you want to work for is going to look at your outfit first. It’s better to start dressing semi-nice now, to prepare for the rest of your life.

Anyways, back to festival fashion!

I saw another babe who was working the casual-pretty look, as well. She was SUPER pretty and super fun to hang out with!

Untitled design-6

Yup! There she is and she definitely nailed the boho festival babe look.

I don’t know if we are thinking the same thing right now, but I can totally tell she is one of those I-just-woke-up-this-pretty people. Like, she just rolled out of bed like that (i’m just guessing)

I’m super jealous of people like that because i’m over here like, “hold on, i’m gonna need about 30 minutes to get myself together and get that i’m-naturally-pretty look”.

So, yeah… I might have been a tiny bit bitter when I met this girl, but whatever.

Like, she asked me if she looked okay in the photo and I’m thinking, “well dang, this girl looks amazing!”. Then she was like, “my hair looks like sh*t”…

Girl, if your hair looks like sh*t, then my bad hair days must be terrible, because my hair looks like yours on a good hair day.

Anyways, moving on.

Like I said, some people were dressed super casual, and then there were those who totally dressed up (like costume and full-on rave)

I met these two awesome babes, rocking rave-worthy outfits.

Untitled design-8

I really loved these girls outfits!

As you can see, the one on the left was rocking a mermaid-chic look. I loved the way she added sparkles and gems to her white bra. It’s a super creative was to turn an ordinary bra into a siren-like top. I like how she added a touch of casual, with the sneakers. The outfit is not only fabulous, it’s comfortable as well! Props to this girl for creating the perfect rave-festival outfit.

The girl on the right had a completely different look going on. Personally, it reminds me of something that a circus acrobat would wear…. and I LOVE it! I actually really want those tights (similar ones HERE). They can add flair to any outfit, without overdoing it. The black top really added a lot to the outfit. Like, picture it without the black top….yeah, not as awesome right? Layering is a great way to tone down or add chic flair to any outfit. Combat boots add edge to ANYTHING. The boots really tied the whole ensemble together (similar ones HERE). 

Fantastic outfits on both of these babes!

Moonrise is over, but I definitely have one more post planned.

Stay tuned for my entire review of the festival (it should be coming out tomorrow or Wednesday, at the latest). I will also be posting a review of The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide later this week!

Remember to follow me on SNAPCHAT for live updates and new content updates, and stay tuned for new content on the blog!

xo. Blondie

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