How to Survive the Holidays (without skin and body issues)

December 15, 2015

The holidays being on lots of good feelings.

Most of us get a break from our, usually, hectic lives, relax with our families, catch up with old friends, play in the snow (if you live/visit somewhere it ACTUALLY snows), and a bunch of other great stuff!

The holidays are a joyful time…..

They also come with some unfortunate after-effects (yeah, i’m talking breakouts from those AMAZING holiday cookies and being cooped up inside, weight gain from all that holiday food, and stress from wanting to find everyone the PERFECT gift)

So, I wanted to share my Holiday Beauty Survival Kit with you all!

Alright, so these are the things that I stock up on during the holidays (Literally, I buy all of these in bulk). Let me tell you why these products are my beauty saviors. (all links are at the end of the post)

Kombucha: So, I discovered Kombucha recently while I was looking for a good green juice. I read up on the benefits, which include; whole body detoxification, anti-oxidants, and energy regulation. (you can read more about the benefits of kombucha HERE). Basically, because of the anti-oxidants and detox properties, it can aid in clearing up your skin and also can help regulate your weight.
Favorite blends of Kombucha: Gapefruit, Cranberry, and Multi-greens.

Rooibos Tea: I have been drinking rooibos tea FOREVER. I love it! It helps de-stress, has heart and bone health properties, and it helps clear up your skin. The reason it has all of these benefits is because the Rooibos herb has anti-inflammatory properties……translation…..It solves EVERY BEAUTY PROBLEM POSSIBLE! My favorite brand of rooibos tea is by Numi.

Other Teas: I have been drinking tea for health and beauty for years. When I need an energy boost, green tea is my go to. When I need detox, dandelion tea is where it’s at. I am OBSESSED with Yogi teas. They have a tea for every problem you may have (hello detox and immunity tea). I like it because they name all their teas by what they do, instead of by ingredient. So, you’re looking for cold releif tea, Yogi has Cold Relief printed right on the box. I also have fallen in love with Safeway’s Eating Right Teas. They’re, basically, Safeway’s brand of tea. I love the beauty tea and the calming tea. (I can’t find the links to the Safeway tea, but they are in the hot drinks section at Safeway)

Those are the three things I use to keep my body and skin in check during the holidays.

Blonde Tip: I also love having a cute tea tumbler, to carry my tea with me, and a pretty tea pot, to brew my tea in.

Alright babes! I hope you enjoyed this post.

I will post next on Friday (I have a special Holiday favorites post planned..EEEKK!!)

What do you do/use to keep yourself in check during the holiday season? Did I miss anything? Am I missing out on something that is totally game-changing?

Let me know in the comments or on any of my social media (top left corner of the blog)

xo. Blondie

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