Making The Ultimate Snow Day

January 22, 2016

In light of current weather conditions everywhere, I’ve decided to write a post on my favorite things to do on a snow day.

Now, i’m not talking about a tiny snow day where there’s barely any snow…..NO

I’m talking like full-blown, I-can’t-even-move-my-car-or-leave-my-house, snow storm.

I don’t know what’s happening on the West Coast, but East Coast is gearing up for some pretty heavy snow (oh, you know….maybe just a couple feet or so…the usual)

So, these are some of my favorite things to do (along with some necessities) on a snow day

1. Comfy Clothes
Pull out your comfiest pair of sweatpants or leggings and get cozy on your couch. I love just putting on the warmest, comfiest clothes I own and sitting on my couch with the warmest blanket I can find (I REALLY like being warm and cozy). My favorite things to wear are fleece-lined leggings with a warm sweatshirt and fuzzy socks.

2. TEA (or any hot beverage)
I already drink tea on a daily basis, but now it gets even better. Tea nourishes your body with antioxidants and herbs, all while keeping you warm and toasty on the inside. I also love making myself some hot chocolate (using organic drinking cocoa and almond milk…HEAVEN). Basically, as long as the drink is hot, it’s perfect for a snow day!

3. Good Books and Movies
You know that book that you have been DYING to read, but never have the time? Well, now’s your chance! Any movies that you’ve really wanted to see or TV you NEED to catch up on? Get to it! Snow days are perfect for just being lazy and doing things you never seem to have the time to do. Unless your job is online (sigh…no excuse for bloggers or Etsy artists), you can’t really do anything work-related. So, you might as well sit on your a** and watch TV, read a book, or watch a great movie.

4. Food and Essentials
Alright, so unless a snow storm just comes out of nowhere, you know it’s coming so STOCK UP!!! Run to the nearest grocery store and grab essentials. Grab some soup, water, vegetables (still gotta get your nutrients from veggies), tea, etc. Also, grab some other essentials like paper towels and such.

5. Set Up Your Space
Whether it’s your couch, your bed, wherever….set it up right when you get up. You know you’re not going to want to leave the comfort and warmth of your blanket, so get all the stuff you need in the beginning and only leave for stuff like food and tea. I know this sounds lazy but, COME ON, we all know no one wants to get up once they’re all cozy and warm.

Again, I have no idea what’s going on on the West Coast but, East Coasters…..GET READY because it’s supposed to be BRUTAL.

Stay warm and safe, everyone!

xo. Blondie

By Blondie

blogger, health foodie, beauty addict

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