Must-Have Beauty Products for Finals Season

May 4, 2016

Hey Babes!

So, I know it’s been a while since I last posted (2 weeks or so)

Sorry about that…. I may or may not have had a five second existential crisis (like, what am I doing with my life? What am I going to do for a living? Where am I going?….that sort of thing)

Anyways, finals season is here!

Yeah, it’s unfortunate, I know

With the stresses of finals season bearing down, it’s very easy to forget about a beauty regimen

Don’t let your skin and hair suffer from stress.

I have a few products that are LIFESAVERS during stressful times

LBH’s Finals Beauty Emergency Kit
1. Love + Roses Spray
2. Rosebud Salve
3. Hello Beautiful! Hand Lotion
4. Boscia Green Tea Blotting Papers




I carry these four beuty products with me everywhere. Why?

Here are my reasons

Love + Roses Spray: Hair or skin, this spray doesn’t discriminate. It leaves your hair soft and smelling like a flower bouquet. It’s a really subtle scent (you don’t want that “I casually poured the entire bottle of Chanel onto myself this morning” smell). It also refreshes your skin, whithout ruining your makeup! (Hint: There’s also a full size version of the spray HERE!)

Rosebud Salve: If you haven’t heard of this, get out from under the rock you live under! I swear, every single celebrity stylist and celebrity has at least one tin of this in their bag. It’s mainly used as a lip balm, but also has many other uses. It can be used on cuts, dry elbows, eyelids (for that shiny, I-just-got-back-from-St.-Barts, look), and your hair. It tames all my flyaways, without making my hair gross and greasy.

Hello Beautiful! Hand Lotion: This is one of Bath and Body Works new scents. It smells like flowers and class (like, Audrey Hepburn, classy). It is subtle and flirty, so it’s the perfect every day scent. No joke! I bought EVERYTHING in this scent; body wash, body spray, body lotion, shea butter lotion, and even glitter body spray (never know when I might need to SPARKLE!)

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Papers: No one likes shiny, oily, gross-looking, skin. I LOVE blotting papers. They’re, literally, the best thing ever. All you do is, when you see an oily spot on your skin, press the blotting paper lightly on the spot. POOF! No more oil. These papers are infused with green tea, so they’re soothing, and they don’t smudge any makeup you may have on. They also come in a cute little patterned package! (Extra: They also have peppermint and charcoal blotting papers HERE and HERE!)

These are thing I keep in my purse AT ALL TIMES.

They are perfect for finals season because they are small and easy to use, so no big bulky containers to fit in your purse.

All of these necessities keep you smelling nice, your face oil-free, and your skin hydrated.

Take care of yourselves, and good luck on finals Babes!

xo. Blondie

By Blondie

blogger, health foodie, beauty addict


  1. Reply

    Sydney Taylor

    Grocery list: Rosebud Salve!

    1. Reply


      Yes!! It’s literally the best thing ever and it basically fixes all my beauty problems ?

      1. Reply

        Sydney Taylor

        Sounds like everything I’ve been needing! 😀 Where do you recommend purchasing it?

        1. Reply


          If you click the link, you can purchase it through there! If you want it at a store, anthropologie and Sephora are good places to start!

          1. Sydney Taylor

            oh goodness, facepalm moment haha! I will have to purchase it 🙂 I’m surprised I’m just learning about this. Thank you!

          2. Blondie

            Haha! It’s okay?. Just click the link in the post and it will lead you right to it! No problem!

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