New Blog Schedule and Vacay

July 25, 2015

Hello Blondies!

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting recently. I have had a lot to do and my plate has been overflowing with sh*t that I have been putting off.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way…Let’s get on to the realy important stuff.

Like my VACATION!!!!

I am taking a trip across the USA and will be blogging from different places.

Yes, I will be posting pictures…

No, I will not be posting them the day of because then I may find some people following me (okay, this probably won’t happen to me because I’m not Selena Gomez and nobody cares WTF I do, but it could happen)

I am also decalring a new posting schedule for now (until I get back from my vacation and back to my normal, steady-paced life)

I will be posting every two weeks (which is basically what I have been doing but I am just now declaring it)

The next time I will be posting will probably be on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (don’t hold me to that, I will be back and forth on planes so I might be a little late or a little early. Besides, I want to have as much as possible to tell you guys!)

That is really all I had to say to you guys in this post.

xo. M

By Blondie

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