Post Delay This Week

November 25, 2015

Hey Babes!

Sorry about not posting today….

Let me tell you the reason why.

So, I had to update the theme for LBH (you’ll notice that the header font is different and, if any of you are sensitive to color, then you’ll notice that the colors are changed)

Anyways, I had to update my theme, but it messed up the layout of my site and I had to shut it down over the weekend into Monday.

I was unable to update anything and was working with the company that made my theme, in order to get my blog back to the way it was before.

After I got my site up again, I had to fix a bunch of design stuff and, basically, had to redesign a lot.

It took a REALLY long time and I wasn’t able to take the photos and write the post I wanted to post for you guys.

Therefore, I will be posting my thanks post on Friday of this week and the post that was supposed to be posted this week will be posted next Tuesday.

Again, I am so sorry about this.

I am so grateful for you guys and promise I will have the next post up on Friday.

xo. Blondie

By Blondie

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