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September 4, 2016

Hey There Babes!

Sorry that it’s been a little while, since I last posted.

I was packing up my stuff to go back to school, and then I moved back last Wednesday, and then I helped other people move in. I didn’t have any spare time to write a quality post for you babes, and you know how I am about my post quality (basically, if it’s sh*t, I’m not posting it until it shines like a brand new diamond).

Heads up! I will definitely be doing more college life posts now, because I’m back at school and that’s my life.

I will also be taking some trips for Little Blonde Habits and writing about some events! (so excited for this!)

So, how bout we get to the topic of this post?

Over the summer, my workout game had been pretty weak. Like, the BEST I was doing was maybe 2 days per week….yeah it was kinda rough.

Flash foreward to about a month ago and my workout routine has completely changed.

Why is this, you ask?


Anyone remember when I interviewed Lauryn Evarts back in June? (if you haven’t read that post, click HERE)

Well, when I requested to interview her, she offered to send me the workout plan she created.

It’s called The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide and, let me tell you, it’s AMAZING!

Let me give you a little overview.

The Skinny Confidential BBG1


TSC Bombshell Body Plan

The whole plan is 48 weeks. It’s comprised of two 24 week plans. The first eases you into a nice workout routine, while steadily increasing in difficulty. The second phase is a little bit harder and more advanced than the first phase.

Lauryn also includes the following, with purchase of the guide:

7 Day Shredding for the Wedding Meal Plan

Regular Meal Plan

Targeted Workouts

1 Month Subscription to the Bombshell Body Website

+ More

Now, let’s get to my personal experience.

I absolutely love this workout guide!

Let me tell you why.

If you’re in college (or, basically, any normal person), you know that life gets busy and it’s sometimes hard to find time to work out. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been like “I should really go to the gym” but have NO TIME!

The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide makes it so easy to get a really good workout in. Each workout is only 27 minutes (totally doable, right!) and you do them 3 days a week. Super easy to fit in!

Now, are the workouts super easy? NO! These workouts kick my A**! Like, I don’t usually sweat that much but, by the end of one of these workouts, I’m drenched. I LOVE it!!

The meal plan is amazing. My favorite recipe is definitely the Eggs and Avocado. It’s the perfect breakfast option; simple and delicious!

I’m also OBSESSED with The Skinny Confidential Detox Drink! I altered it a little bit, but the original is still very good. (You can check out my altered version HERE)

I am totally in love with the workout plan, itself, but I’m also obsessed with the targeted workouts.

I like to switch it up, with my workouts. There are so many different targeted workouts (like, you could basically have one for every day, if you wanted).

Overall, I like this guide and subscription because it’s so easy to fit into any schedule. No matter if you are a busy mom, a college student, or anything else. The meal plan is pretty easy to follow and the recipes are DELICIOUS!

I will definitely keep using the plan and the targeted workouts (arm day today!)

If you want to learn more about the guide, or want to purchase it, click HERE!

Just a little update, I will be posting more regularly, now that I am completely moved in at school and have gotten my life together ( I will probably do a post on this, later)

xo. Blondie

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