VitaMe: My Vitamins and Why I take Them

September 14, 2015


You all know that I am SUPER BIG on beauty from the inside (unless you’ve never visited my site before, in that case, WELCOME! and go check out This Post on antioxidants). I love eating healthy food because 1) it tastes amazing (is anyone really going to say that Whole Foods meal bar isn’t THE SH*T?) and 2) after I eat healthy food, I feel so satisfied and like I actually did something for my body.

Now, before you leave this post because you think it’s going to be some stupid rant on how everyone should be eating healthy 100% of the time…..STAY PUT!

I, myself, do not eat healthy all the time (I wish I could, but I do not have the time or money to do that and, let’s face it, healthy food can be EXPENSIVE).

Even though I don’t eat healthy all of the time, I do other things to keep my body healthy and glowing. Yes, I workout sometimes (1-3 times per week depending on what my schedule is like). Yes, I try to eat healthy (sometimes I just really NEED some spicy nacho doritos).

My diet and excersise regime varies so much that, if I didn’t do anything extra for my body, I would probably be in a very poor state of health.

All of these statements lead up to one of the many consistent things I do for my body to keep in good health….

Taking vitamins!!!!

Vitamin supplements are literally my saviors. If I didn’t take vitamins, SOOOOO many things would go wrong. I would be very tired, my skin would be dull, my hair would be super frizzy and never grow, and I would probably get sick EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

What kind of little miracles do I take everyday to keep myself healthy and glowing, you ask? Well, here is a nice little list for you.

Little Miracles (Vitamins) I Take

Vitamin C: Keeps my metabolism running like it’s supposed to, keeps me from getting (too) sick, and reduces my undereye circles and bruises on my body (because i’m TOO F*CKING PALE)

Echinacea (only fall through the winter season): Keeps me from getting sick during cold and flu season and helps me get better faster, when I do get sick (which is actually quite often in the winter)

Iron: Keeps my red blood cell count from getting too low, which (for me) results in decrease in energy and focus.

B-Complex: Helps support the nervous system and helps convert food into energy.

Fish Oil: Keeps my skin, hair, and nails healthy with all of the fatty acids.

Gelatin Capsules: Keeps my hair, skin, and nails healthy. This is my FAVORITE vitamin! It keeps my hair skiny and soft, helps my nails grow really fast and strong, and keeps my skin looking AMAZING! Literally, every time I have a skin problem, I take two of these little guys at night and, when I wake up, the problem is gone or has decreased significantly.

I also take a MutliVitamin with these because the multi has everything to support my body on a day to day basis.

The reason I take the other vitamins is because I either don’t have enough of that nutrient in my body, I’m sick and I need the vitamin to help my body get better faster, or it’s a beauty vitamin that I take to keep my hair and skin looking good (*cough* gelatin *cough*)

I love these vitamins because they help me look and feel my best.

Now, am I telling you that you should run to the store and pick up all these vitamins right now?


I am not a doctor! I don’t know what vitamins people should be taking! These are vitamins that work for me…they don’t necissarily work the same way for EVERYBODY. Talk to your doctor before you start taking any vitamins (hey, maybe you’ll find another amazing vitamin that I haven’t heard of)

Ok. End of that rant.

Also, because I take so many vitamins, it was such a struggle to remember to take them. So, I got this cute little pill organizer with the days of the week on it (similar one here).

I NEVER forget to take my vitamins now (cause when I forget…believe me…you can tell)

How do you keep yourself healthy? Let me know in the comments section! I love to hear form you guys.

xo. M


By Blondie

blogger, health foodie, beauty addict


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    I take supplements as well! Growing up my parents would give me all sorts of vitamins because the food we eat nowadays doesn’t contain the same amount of nutrients that it did years ago. GMO filled foods with all sorts of chemicals. But I’m like you, I need my supplements. Ive been taking the Isotonix brand for almost 2 years nows and I love it cuz they’re not pill lol I just drink my vitamins in the morning. Your post was so informative though! Thanks!

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      That sounds like a really cool way to take vitamins! I’ll have to look into that. It’s so true about the food and it not containing enough nutrients. Also, because i’m a student, it’s really hard to eat healthy and watch what I eat all of the time. The supplements just keep me from getting sick and give me all the nutrients I may have missed. Thanks for the comment and the info about isotonix!

      xo. Blondie

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        You’ve never heard of it?? It’s we’ll known in Toronto where I’m from. Plus it taste like juice! Especially since I know a lot of people struggle to take pills, my brother hates taking pills and refuses to whenever its recommended to him. So he’s a big fan. I’ve never been sick for the past 2 years actually because its been helping to boost my immune system too. Haha I was a student not too long ago, so I know what you mean about eating healthy. I’m actually on a TLS weight management program. More of a lifestyle change than a diet. Of course! Thanks for the quick response! 🙂

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          I actually have never heard of that but, it sounds really interesting. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in Canada….not sure but I will definitely check it out.

          xo. Blondie

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