What Is In My Beach Bag?

May 23, 2015


First of all, how Amazing is this Longchamp bag? This is my favorite bag. I literally use this bag for everything, from going to work to going on a long weekend trip.

It is a GIANT bag, but it holds absolutely everything you need to hold without actually looking like you’re carying around your whole room in your bag.

(Seriously, I could probably fit the entire contents of my room in this purse)

Does anyone else think this is the Most Useful bag in the entire world? Comment if you do.

Okay, let’s get on to what this post is really about—The contents of My Beach Bag.

1.) Pink Beats Headphones and my phone – I love listening to music on the beach and these headphones are the most AMAZING headphones I have ever owned.

2.) Visine Eye Drops – You know when you get out of the ocean and your eyes are all red? ( you don’t? well, that happens to me) These take care of the stinging and the redness.

3.) Moroccanoil Light Treatment – I put it in before I go swimming and it keeps my hair from getting all dry and gross, while still keeping the beachy waves that you get from being in the ocean.

4.) Lip Scrub – I hate dry, chapped lips, so I carry this with me everywhere.

5.) Vaseline Lip Therapy – Again, I HATE dry lips, and this lip balm is my favorite. Plus, it doesn’t come off in the water.

6.) Face Wash – I also HATE having oily or just grimy skin, so I take this face wash to the beach.

7.) Josie Maran Sun block – We all know (but some of us don’t listen) the imortance of sun block. This one smells yummy and moistuizes while it protects. I put it on everyday.

8.) Bobble Water Bottle – I like this water bottle because it filters the water while you drink it. Anyone else like clean water? I know I do!

9.) Blotting Papers – I have emphasized how much I dislike oily skin. These are the one thing I have to have with me every single moment.

10.) Underwear – DO NOT MOCK ME. We all have been through that moment when your underwear gets thrown in the sand, or splashed by some water, or something randomly terrible that just happens to happen to you at the WORST time possible. I carry this pair of underwear so, if something like that happens, I don’t have to go pantiless on the ride home (can anyone say uncomfortable?). Naja has some really soft, really pretty underwear (psst, they also have a line of bras and bathing suits made out of recycled water bottles. Cool, I know!)

So, that is what I take to the beach (excluding some necessities, like towels and a swim suit, DUHH).

What’s in your beach bag? Is there something AMAZING I am missing? Tell me in the comments below.

xo. M

By Blondie

blogger, health foodie, beauty addict


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    Massie E. Block

    Lovely post M !
    So loving this new there for your blog < 3333

    1. Reply


      Thanks so much! Thanks for advertising on your blog!

      xo. M

  2. Reply


    Wonderful post! I loove cetaphil tbh. And as for beats, I’ve always wondered if they actually live up to their hype or are just really expensive headphones but I guess they’re pretty great!
    xx M.

    1. Reply


      Right!! Cetaphil is the best. I questioned the Beats before I got them, but they really are amazing headphones. They are completely noise canceling and have amazing sound quality. Plus, they come in cute colors!

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    The Secret Life of Dylan Marvil

    Great first post! I never really know what to include in my beach bag beside the basics, so this is really helpful! I’ve never heard of a water bottle that filters itself while you drink it. I definitely need to go check those out!

    1. Reply


      It’s an amazing water bottle! I take it everywhere. Thanks so much!

      xo. M

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    Pink and Navy Prepster

    I loved this post! It’s so neat to know what other people carry around, and you have a lot of things in your beach bag that I never considered taking in mine! I live in Alabama right on a huge lake (people from all over the country have houses on it) and so beach trips are reserved for vacations for me, but lake trips happen multiple times per week!
    My hair is naturally wavy, and swimming and laying out dries out my hair too. I love using the Moroccan treatment you mentioned! However, I’ve never heard of the water bottle you have, but I have the website opened in a new tab because it’s intrigued me!
    As bad as it sounds, I never use sunscreen except for on my face. I have a lot of American Indian blood in me, and I love to tan and I tan very easily. Instead of having sunscreen in my bag, I usually carry a can of oil-based hairspray or baby oil to lather on! I also keep with me portable speakers instead of headphones, because my friends and I lay out on my dock, and my phone dies super quickly so I bring a portable charger with me too!
    Sorry for the super long comment!


    1. Reply


      Lake trips are the best! I love your comment on what you put in your bag. I have to use sunscreen cause I’m really pale (like vampire pale) but whatever works for you is good! I have a mophie charger case. It’s amazing! Try it out if u can for a charger that is right there when you need it. No problem about long comments. I love hearing from my readers!

      xo. M

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